Excellence in Sustainability and the Environment

*Winner is eligible to enter the AHA National Awards (Excellence in Innovation, Sustainability, and Energy Efficiency Practice).

A written submission is required to assist in the assessment of this category.

This category will be judged completely on a written submission of no more than 1,500 words, plus accompanying appendix with documents and pictures where relevant. Entries are limited to one per property.

The submission should demonstrate outstanding commitment to environmentally sustainable operations and detail the specific implementations made throughout the qualifying period.

Documents required for submission:

  • A written submission describing the judging criteria below.
  • Supporting document and images where relevant

Judges will base their assessment on the following:

  • Policies in place at your hotel that support environmental best practice.
  • The use of energy saving devices or practices regarding water, energy, and waste.
  • The quality of your in-house recycling programmes.
  • The existence of environment committees or working groups within the hotel to address environmental issues.
  • Member’s understanding and education on the importance of environmental sustainability.
  • Any other initiatives that demonstrate environmental sustainability.
  • Any accreditation received and/or memberships of sustainability/ environmental organisations.
  • All entrants to submit a synopsis of their organisational Sustainability Policy and Procedures as part of the appendix.
  • Any other initiatives or innovations that demonstrate sustainable operations