Best Hotel Group Operator

* Winner is eligible to enter the AHA National Awards in Best Hotel Group Operator

A written submission is required to assist in the assessment of this category and is required by Thursday 7 December. 

This award category has been established to recognise the outstanding practices of Victoria’s Best Hotel Group Operator. We seek to acknowledge the ongoing ‘behind the scenes’ efforts that allow for a seamless hospitality experience at each of the group’s venues. Eligibility is restricted to AHA (Vic) Hotel Groups with a minimum of three properties.


Documents required for submission:

  • A written response describing the judging criteria below.
  • Supporting documents and images, where relevant.

Judges will be assessing the following points in your written submission:

  • Underlying ethos;
  • Most successful group-wide marketing campaign;
  • Approach to recognising staff achievement at a group level;
  • The group’s staff development program;
  • Most successful group-wide charity initiative;
  • The effective use of social media platform; and
  • Your approach to maintaining the loyalty of your patrons across all your venues. 

Important:  A concise written submission addressing all bullet points should be no more than 1,000 words in length.