Bush Pub of the Year

A written submission is required to judge this category. No site inspection required.

To qualify for nomination the hotel must be:

  • Located in a town that has an official population of 1750 people or less as published from 2021 Census data on www.abs.gov.au (Population data as defined by the Suburbs and Localities number which is an approximation of the officially recognised boundaries of localities outside of cities and larger towns)
  • Located in a town at least 200km from Melbourne CBD
  • Located in a “one pub town” (Pub is defined as a hospitality venue with a general liquor licence, offering both food and beverage)

This category recognises regional or remote hotels which are in isolated bush settings. Pubs will typically be independently operated and located away from major population centres. Hotels located in coastal towns, on offshore islands are also eligible to enter this category.

Entrants need not have all the facilities of a larger pub (i.e., restaurant dining, accommodation, bottle shop and or gaming) to be a winner.

Nominees won’t be eligible to be finalists in both Best Bush Pub and Regional Hotel of the Year.

This award is about doing the very best with what you have and promoting the hotel as the heart of your community, whilst at the same time operating a sustainable business.

Written submissions should address the following:

  • Community involvement - what role does the hotel play in its community other than a great watering hole?
  • Overall amenity - what facilities does this hotel offer i.e. (food, beverages, entertainment, accommodation and/or unique attractions)
  • Overcoming adversity - how does the hotel overcome its commercial and geographical disadvantages when it comes to prices, staffing, infrastructure, promotional opportunities etc
  • History - is the hotel operation important to the history of the region?
  • Why your hotel should be considered the best bush pub in Victoria
  • What makes this hotel unique/appealing and why should patrons visit the hotel?
  • Food and beverage offerings at the hotel (copy of food menu and beverages available)
  • Photo evidence of the following:
    • Hotel internally and externally
    • Main Bar area
    • Hotel engaged in local community events
    • Significant points of difference (memorabilia, location shots)