Privacy policy 

VAAFE adheres to the Privacy Act 1988 relating to the privacy and handling of your personal information.

Security of personal information

Your personal information may be collected by VAAFE when you:

  • submit an enquiry;
  • make an event booking and/or payment, and/or
  • submit a form e.g. nomination form.

Information VAAFE may collect includes:

  • attendee and award nominee names;
  • hotel name;
  • hotel and personal address details;
  • contact phone and e-mail address, and/or
  • credit card details for payment.

VAAFE may collect your personal information for the following reasons:

  • event registration, administration and promotion purposes.

Disclosure of information

VAAFE takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information, including utilising available information technology security (firewall and password-protected member information)

Your personal information is collected for internal member administration purposes, including, but not limited to, account payment, event registration and nomination activity.

Your personal information will not be sold or distributed to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing or statistical analysis.