How to Nominate:

Step 1: Review award categories and determine your eligibility

Review the award categories and determine your eligibility for the categories that apply to your property.

If you are unsure of what category suits your venue, please reach out to AHA (Vic).

Visit the award categories tab to view the criteria for each award.

To be eligible to enter any category for the AHA (Vic) State Awards for Excellence your venue must be a financial member of AHA (Vic).


Step 2: Prepare your submissions

Prepare and gather your submissions and supporting documents for the Performance and Employee Awards. 

Visit the categories tab to view documents required for submissions in each award.


Step 3: Create your account

Please note that you are required to create a new account for the 2024 website.

Click on the ‘Nominations’ tab and create a ‘Single Hotel/Business Account’ or ‘Multiple Hotel Account’

Single Hotel/Business Account is for members who are nominating one venue. 

A Multiple Hotel Account is for those members who operate multiple venues. Creating a multiple hotel account will allow you to manage you nominations and tickets for two or more venues using the one email address. 

Follow the prompts to confirm your account.


Step 4: Complete nominations

Once logged into your account, click ‘Manage Nominations’ and select the award categories you wish to nominate for and complete the nomination forms for each category.

You may enter as many categories as are appropriate for your venue.

Once you have selected your award categories, click ‘Save and Continue” to return to your dashboard.

Hotels nominated in the dining, general and accommodation specific categories will be invoiced to cover the actual cost of property visit judging in each nominated category.

Depending on the category, this invoice may include additional costs required to complete the specific category judging. 

Please refer to the judging reimbursements in the terms and conditions. 


Step 5: Upload your venue logos, images and submissions

To upload your venue logo, photos and submissions, navigate to the nominations dashboard and click ‘Manage Files’ under ‘Current Nominations.

Click Add Filesto select the required files. Once the files are selected hit “Start” to begin your upload. Once the upload is complete, your files have been updated. 

Please see a breakdown of the documents required below:

Dining, General and Accommodation Awards

All nominees must supply three photos of your venue (per category) and your venue logo.

  • Photos files must be provided as landscape 1920 x 1080pxl as high-res jpeg files.
  • Venue logos must be a high-res eps file or packaged ai or psd file.
  • Please try to include photos of people in your venues! These look much better onscreen then empty venues :) 

The photos supplied should depict the award category you nominated for (i.e. Best Speciality Bar, please include two bar area images) and also include at least one external shot of the venue.

Individual Employee Award Submissions:

Documents required for submission for the Employee Awards include: 

  • Nominee's resume including current qualifications, training courses attended and awards gained. 
  • Optional extras: A written submission from the employer detailing why this employee is being nominated, guest comments, references, articles and/or certificates.
  • Headshot of the nominee on a white backdrop or in their work environment. We like to see smiles! 

*Local Legend Award required additional documentation. Please refer to the criteria for more information. 

Performance Award Submissions:

Written submissions and supporting documents for the Performance Awards must be uploaded as a single PDF file.

Please refer to the criteria in each individual category. Click here to view categories. 


Step 6: Check Information and Confirm Nomination

Review your nomination details under the ‘Current Nominations’ section. Once your nominations are correct and all files are uploaded, your nominations are confirmed.


Step 7: Proceed to complete payment of your nomination fees

All nomination fees must be paid within 14 days from the invoice date. Any venues that have an outstanding nomination fee invoice after December 15 2023 will have their nomination withdrawn.

Nominees and tickets can be paid on your dashboard. Select “Pay Via Visa or Mastercard” to pay by credit card or "Pay via EFT" to receive an invoice to your email address.