Nomination Fees:

Nomination fees are between $175 and $250 (Inc GST) depending on the category you nominate in.

  • Individual Employee Awards: $175 per nomination
  • Dining Awards: $230 - $250 per nomination
  • General Awards: $175 per nomination
  • Accommodation Awards: $250 per nomination
  • Gaming and Wagering: $175 per nomination
  • Performance Awards: $175 per nomination

Property visits judging reimbursements

To ensure the absolute anonymity of the judging and to simplify the nomination process, the AHA (Vic) State Awards for Excellence will continue to be voucher-free!

This means you no longer need to provide a food, beverage or accommodation voucher to complete judging.

Instead, pubs and hotels nominating in the dining, general, accommodation, gaming and wagering award categories will be invoiced to cover the actual cost of judging in each particular category.

Depending on the category, the reimbursements may include additional costs required to complete the specific category judging.

For example, the reimbursement for Best Family Dining awards will cover the cost for a family to dine at your pub or hotel.

Reimbursements may include, but not are not limited to:

  • Dining Awards: Two courses and two beverages for one person.
  • Family dining: Two courses and two beverages for two people and one kids meal.
  • General Awards: One meal and two beverages for one person.
  • Accommodation Awards: One night's accommodation - standard room, one meal, two beverages and breakfast for one person and parking (if applicable).
  • Gaming and wagering: One meal and two beverages for one person.

**Best Live Entertainment Venue may include the cost of  tickets, if applicable. 

Reimbursement Process

Once judging is completed, participating pubs and hotels will be issued an invoice to cover the actual cost of property visit judging. Any identifying information may be removed from the supporting documents to maintain a judge’s anonymity.

All invoices must be paid within 14 days from the invoice date.

Any properties that have a reimbursement invoice outstanding after Monday 22 April 2024 will be ineligible to receive an award.